Juicy Fruit & Norton
53-68 days
Medium to Heavy - Large Producer
True Love is something so elusive that many refuse to accept it exists.This strain will make you a believer! An exemplary choice for a daytime high. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor growth.
There are 2 distinct phenotypes. One being more indica, with a shorter, bushier growth pattern that is ideal for scrog or staking. The sativa dom pheno can be pruned early in flower cycle to prevent generous stretch during the flower cycle. She is a fast finishing strain. The flowers are comprised of hard nuggety light green buds densely covered in resin. this plant creates impressive concentrates.
Although the flavor notes are noticeably tart and citrusy during the flowering cycle, the cured bud expresses coconut and pineapple nuances with slight cheese and diesel undertones.
High Type:
This strain invokes a mild euphoria while creating a cerebral high that opens the door to creativity. Be prepared to feel happy and uplifted while experiencing a feeling of warmth from the full body buzz. Typically relieves nausea, loss of appetite, stress, anxiety and depression.
Approx 23% THC
* Each individual pack contains 6 seeds.