Electric Watermelon & Jesus OG Kush
56-60 days
Medium to Heavy
The Electric Watermelon is a sensational strain we have coveted for over 10 years while deciding on the optimal breeding partner. We searched for a male that added volume creating the possibility of buxom fields displaying pillars of bloom. The comfort and acceptance of self expression one feels when partaking in this strain parallels to speaking one's Mothertongue.
Recommended for many farming styles. She is typically sativa dominant, so she can stretch quite a bit, and can handle a heavy prune late in veg, or 2 weeks into flower for a nice even canopy. This will also encourage larger bud production. The most common pheno is a large producing sativa dominant pheno. A very hearty OG with an intensely sweet aroma throughout that emerges into a combination of sugary, skunky fruit. The yield is impressive as is the early calex production and frosty resin throughout the entire plant. The large, dense nuggets are evenly spaced amid the branches. Spectacular orangy-red leaves shade this beauty. The sugar production is epic!
Skunky Melon Aroma. Have you ever been slapped in the face with a slice of watermelon? Ready or not, here it comes.. Along with a wide variety of fruity profiles ranging from robust berry and pungent melon overtones, to spiced cider and slight green coffee bean notes with a pervasive sweet citrus aftertaste. Leaves you wanting more!
High Type:
Strong and lasting body high that encourages mind clarity. Enhances daytime productivity while providing an uplifting of spirits. Known to relieve stress, anxiety and depression while aiding in pain relief.
* Each individual pack contains 6 seeds.