White Tahoo Cookies & Mothertongue Indica Dominant Hybrid Mix
Medium to Heavy
60 Days
There are 3 noticeable phenos, 2 being more indica dominant and one in particular that is Mothertongue dominant. The buds are very dense, dark in color with purple calyx and the leaves are dark purple and burgundy toward the tips. The nugs appear to have been dipped in glittery sweet resin. A very heavy crystal cover. Such a sweet treat!
The aromas are a mix of loud, sweet melons, sweet honey, and aged hash notes, along with kushy floral essence. there is an emphasis on honey on the exhale.
High Type:
The pleasurable flavor profile of this strain creates a pleasurable experience. It utilizes the sweet uplifting euphoria of "Old School" OG and skillfully merges it with "New School" OG elements that can easily relax the body. This is a rapid acting hybrid that can have a sativa spark that is proceeded by a stress relieving indica effect. The best of both worlds. Can relieve chronic pain, anxiety, muscle pain, and nausea.
* Each individual pack contains 6 seeds.