Go Time X Dark Side of the Moon
Harvest Time:
58 - 66 Days
Heavy Yield / Substantial Producer for Concentrates

To be carefree and uninhibited is the dream of many. By pairing a dynamite female with a dreamy male produces a focused high with the seductive power of productive flirtation. Amused? You will be..

There are two main phenos, one boasts long kelly green colored leaves, the other shorter and wider deep green leaves. They both display thick, sugar coated, golden trichomes along with multiple colas.Displays robust calyx deserving of admiration.
Sweet and tangy with citrus overtones undercut by dank, earthy notes that gently tingle the tongue. Sandlewood and Cedar notes accompanied by sweet vanilla overtones.
High Type:
Induces uplifting moods, stimulates focus and produces carefree aphrodisiac-like body effects.
* Each individual pack contains 6 seeds.