Strawberry Daquiri x Sour Tsunami x Animal Cookies
Harvest Time:
56 - 63 Days
Heavy Yield
Here we have a 50/50 hybrid mix combined with a 1 to 1 CBD potential. Though many cbd strains lack strong flavor profiles, this beauty delivers the satisfaction your taste buds are seeking.
The dominant pheno of this evenly split hybrid tends to be somewhat compact with a desirable bushiness. Due to the minimal stretch, it doesn't require much training, though trimming unnecessary foliage aids with air flow and light disbursement. Buds are light green in color with dark amber trichomes.
Self-evident earthy strawberry notes with hints of tart cherry on the exhale..
High Type:
Creates a mellow buzz that can be both motivating and jubilating
* Each individual pack contains 6 seeds.