MotherTongue x Robotgirl
50-60 days
While breeding this one, we worked hard and sought after that true Electric Watermelon flavor in both parents which bolstered offspring that has candied watermelon and strawberry haze flavors. Once matured, expect psychedelic leaf colors filled with magenta, orange, burgundy, and striking lime green buds.
The dominant phenotype found throughout testing was Electric Watermelon/MotherTongue dominant with outliers being an interesting combination of gas and cookies with fruity melon back notes. The majority of phenotypes will grow quickly with medium spacing between nodes and require a minimal amount of time for veg. Upon the onset of flower, you'll find resin coverage almost immediately if not during the later stages of veg. The flowers will quickly build into rock hard towering kolas that give off sweet notes of watermelons, strawberries, and wildflowers throughout the 63-69 day flowering cycle.
You will be amazed at the overwhelming fruit flavors! Once tasting it, you'll feel like you're having a fruit cocktail of watermelons and strawberries sprinkled with sugar. It will become an instant favorite. While some phenotypes express more mixed berry and kushy undertones, we haven't found a phenotype that didn't satisfy our palate.
High Type:
On the first toke, you'll get lost into a haze daydream, with enough energy to go about your day and accomplish your goals. Great for hiking, cleaning, and all around being productive with a B+ attitude.
* Each individual pack contains 6 seeds.