Cat Piss & Cookies
58 - 62 Days
Medium to Heavy
Recommended for organic grow for indoor, outdoor, and hydro growth. This strain grows very uniform early in flower cycle, but has an addition growth spurt halfway thru the cycle. Stake or scrog as needed.
There are typically 2 main phenotypes. The first one being a sativa, Catpiss dominant plant, She grows thick, long, frosty colas with many per plant. The other being an indica dominant pheno with large, dense frosty nugs. Note: A very large producer for a cookie cross. She has a rare Pink pheno that exhibits speckled Pink flowers.
Super sweet earthy hybrid notes with undertones of tart lime and pine. The flavor can satisfy even the pickiest of connoisseurs.
High Type:
One pheno contains an uplifting, euphoric and cerebral high, while the other is calming and soothing. Both offer significant relief for pain, muscle tension, and stress. It boosts mood while replacing negative thoughts with introspective energy. Very pleasurable for both daytime and evening use.
* Each individual pack contains 6 seeds.